Core flexibility and strength

Like most of us who run marathons (I’ve done over 250 marathons to date) my body has been through a lot. I used to get frequent back pain until about 4 years ago when I was fortunate to meet Ronan McCarthy. Ronan was starting out and my coach Greg Smith at Core Results challenged him to fix me. I was a bag of bones and advised to give up running. My back ache was severe and I was so stiff that I could not bend over to touch my knees.

I spent 15 weeks with Ronan, during which time he gradually flexed me and toughened my core. He taught me how everything in the body is governed by the core; it controls all the muscular ailments from head to toe.

Since Ronan “fixed” me, every morning at home I perform the short regime of exercises he taught me. I also now include exercises from Dr Kelly Starrett of Mobility|Wod in San Francisco and his “Supple Leopard” technique.

If you are in pain I recommend that you look at these links, and find a local practitioner or coach to teach you daily exercises for your core. It will change your life.

Ronan is now very busy with the Premier League, international athletics and rugby teams who see the benefit of his skills – he is amazing.

Greg has moved and established a new gym in Chichester where the locals will benefit from the wealth of his experience. He was fantastic for me during a period when I was completing many of my 19 desert runs.

Look after your body and it will look after you.

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