Project Manager

Construction Projects

My career started with building – I’m a qualified chartered builder. My projects include:

  • Lloyd’s building
  • Gherkin
  • Horseguards Hotel
  • Broadgate

Government projects include:

  • No 10 Downing Street
  • MOD Joint Chiefs of Staff conference room
  • House of Lords

After earning my Masters Degree in Project Management, a new way of approaching construction projects was formed, where project management methodologies could be applied to guarantee on-time, on-budget construction projects.

Combining Construction and Information Technology Projects

The UK construction industry very much mirrors the UK economy, complete with boom and bust cycles. Hence my increasing work in Information Technology, again applying project management techniques to complete profitable projects for my clients. Some notable projects combining my Construction and IT skills:

  • Construction of the Bolton Wanderers football stadium/utilising brand new (at the time) webcam technology to view the project online
  • Installation of video technology to over 200 Crown courts across the UK, ensuring the courts were operable during the works; many courts were listed buildings and great care was required to comply with regulations
  • Mizuho bank merger: the first tri-bank merger in the world, which combined merging staff, offices, departments, IT banking systems and banking processes

Information Technology Projects

Recently my work has focused on IT projects such as:

  • iPad app development
  • London Tech City startups
  • Micropayment technology investment